Gary Larson speaks

Gary Larson recently gave a rare interview with USA Today regarding his upcoming 2007 calendar. The proceeds of the calendar go to Conservation International whose work includes trying to end illegal trade in “Asian elephants, Indochinese tigers, Asiatic black bears, pangolins, freshwater turtles, and Siamese crocodiles in Cambodia.”

8 thoughts on “Gary Larson speaks

  1. None of those strips were actually spotted, nurtured and published by genius syndicate execs (in fact Calvin and Hobbes was turned down by the syndicate that initially gave it a green light to be developed).

    The public will go for anything that’s good. Even editors have shown they have an appetite for change. The problem is the major syndicates. They’re incompetent and it’s in their business interests to keep foisting the tired old pap onto you.

    Papers should sponsor their own strips, paying decent money to encourage local talent. The time for change is now!!! Don’t put up with this dead wood, America, Lobby your editor!

  2. sorry. I agree that there are too many awful strips as to ruin the stature of just about every current daily newspapers comics’ section, but why you don’t hold the newspapers responsible is weird to me, are you a newspaper editor? Or perhaps a cartoonist shunned by the syndicates? There are many NEW syndicated strips that are my favourite ever, Pearls Before Swine, Poncho Cafe, Ink Pen, Get FUzzy, Monty, Speed Bump, Get Fuzzy, Lio, etc.

  3. I recently re-read “History of the Far Side”. Oh I so miss the brilliant art work and humor of Gary Larson. Comic strips today are so awfully lame. What happened to Bill Waterson and his Calvin and Hobbes ? What is this world coming to! We need both of these men back. Does he see these mails? I applaud his involvement in making cruelty to animals his focus…a good man! OK, there it is.

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