Jim Borgman lauds Jeff Stahler

Today on Jim Borgman’s blog, he writes about his friendship with Jeff Stahler who worked at the competing paper, the Cincinnati Post. Jeff is now with the Columbus Dispatch.

Stahler is one of the most under-appreciated cartoonists around. Every cartoon works. His ideas are absolutely water-tight, insightful, funny, sophisticated. And he draws in that deceptively simple the-sparer-the-better style that demands every line be exactly where it should be. His characters always have life, nuanced expression and great natural movement. Somehow, after drawing fifty thousand couples saying something to each other in front of a TV, he still breathes life and uniqueness into each one. And the kids he draws feel like they’ve been lifted directly out of the house next door.

I don’t know how momentum builds around certain cartoonists to be finally recognized with the prizes and awards they deserve, but I wish it would build around Jeff. His quiet and graceful style may always be the gentler party in the room when judges gather. But name me an editorial cartoonist who hits for a higher average. Jeff Stahler’s cartoons deserve a Pulitzer Prize and I hope someday soon the spotlight shines on him.

A Pulitzer for Stahler? I would think that would be appropriate. He’s one of the most consistent cartoonists in the field. I’ve enjoyed his Moderately Confused panel as well.

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  1. How about doing a cartoon of a family a dinner table, dog and cat at eaither end sitting in kiddie chair with knife and fork in either paw, asking “Where’s the beef?” since so many brands have proved unsafe?

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