Hy Eisman to conduct workshop

Hy Eisman, the current cartoonist behind Popeye and the Katzenjammer Kids will be conducting a workshop at the Newark Museum this Saturday. The Masters of American Comics is currently on display at the Newark Museum, so I suspect the two events are connected. Pre-registration is required.

2 thoughts on “Hy Eisman to conduct workshop

  1. I can’t make the workshop and so can’t address my question to Mr. Eisman, nor can I find an email address for him. I want to know why the desert in the currently running strip is GREEN?

  2. Dear Hy,

    I was pleased to hear from Zelda that she met you, and I would like very much to be in contact with you.

    I think of you often, wondering whatever happened to Hy Eisman.

    I live in Israel since 1968.

    Can you give me your telephone number?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps in the near futre we can meet.



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