Charlie Brown Christmas Jihad

Jean Schulz can’t be happy with this.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Christmas Jihad

  1. The idea of Charlie Brown praying to Mecca in the wrong direction is pretty funny. I especially enjoyed the plunger-trombone voice from above at the end.

    I also liked the continuity of character — I thought everyone behaved as they would, in an alernate universe. Linus was still explicating, Lucy was still celebrating commerce. And in the end, Charlie Brown didn’t kick the bomb. I’ve seen other Peanuts parodies that stumbled because the personalities were too wildly altered (Charlie Brown on a machine-gun rampage, for example.)

  2. I’m all for freedom speech, however the [Charlie Brown machine-gun rampage]has in my mind cross the line of both common sense and good taste.

  3. Whenever someone starts out a sentence, ‘I’m all for freedom of speech’ I get a sense that most certainly are only for FREE speech when they can define it. And please spare me any “fire in the theatre” cliches.

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