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Dave Coverly selects caption contest winner

E&P reports that Dave Coverly has finally picked the winner of his second annual caption contest. The contest drew over 4,000 entries.  The winner is Pete Battistini of Avon IN.  Dave’s cartoon depicted a police line up with a woman looking at the line up. The winning zinger is, “Oh, that reminds me. I need to go vote today.”

The winning submission will run on August 21 with the five honorable mentions running that same week.

I’m sure some readers will accuse me of laziness by using up a whole week with other people’s jokes, but it took me far, far longer to read those thousands of submissions than it would have for me to draw six cartoons myself,” cartoonist Dave Coverly told E&P today. “It was tough work — and those ‘Speed Bump’ readers turned out to be a witty bunch.”

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