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King Features launches Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop

Heaven's Love Thrift Shop cartoon logo

© 2006 Kevin Frank  Distributed by King Features Syndicate

King Features has launched it’s third feature of 2006 (Retail and Pajama Diaries being the first two).  The new feature is a Sunday only called Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop by Kevin Frank.  Heaven’s love focuses on the the characters (Wilson, Cassidy, and Dag) who run a charitable thrift shop which supports outreaches including a soup-kitchen and homeless shelter.

About Kevin: For over fifteen years Kevin Frank has created Cartoons and illustrations for publishers across North America including Cook Communications, Group, Tyndale House, CTi, and the Discovery Channel Canada. The late Charles Schulz called Kevin’s work “extremely original” and “very funny”. His syndicated cartoon strip TRUE NORTH, was profiled in Macleans magazine as well as on CBC radio, and his new comic HEAVEN’S LOVE THRIFT SHOP is syndicated internationally by King Features Syndicate.

You can see a samples on King’s web site.

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