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Dave Coverly opens 2nd ‘Speed Bump’ Caption Contest

Dave Coverly, “Speed Bump” creator has created the 2nd Speed Bump cartoon contest for fans to come up with a snappy caption to one if his cartoons. This years cartoon features a police line-up with an alien, caveman, modern day man and a clown. A woman looking at the line-up says something to a cop. The winner will receive 3 signed books, the original artwork and the winning cartoon printed on a merchandise of choice (mugs, t-shirts, etc.).  The deadline is May 14 and the winner will be announced on the 27th during the NCS meeting in Chicago.

Details can be had at Dave’s web site. E&P also has a write up on this contest.

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Community Comments

#1 Ron
@ 8:20 am

Sorry I missed the caption contest deadline. I was looking at it this morning and thought of one that I found kind of amusing but do not know if anyone had submitted it or if I could make the deadline. I figured I’d simply mention it anyway simply because I found it amusing. Looking at the image showing that crazy lineup of characters, I thought, “Oooh, oooh! That’s him! That’s him! The funny looking one!”.

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