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Real Life Adventures celebrates 15 years in the funnies

Lance Aldrich and Gary Wise’s feature “Real Life Adventures” is celebrating 15 years.

Aldrich and Wise, after working with each other for 21 years, have developed an unconventional approach to collaboration: they stay away from each other. Working together through a series of faxes and phone calls between Aldrich’s home in rural Michigan (he is now retired from the advertising business) and Wise’s office in Detroit, the pair much prefers the detachment of their method to conventional team work.

“We have tried working in the same room and decided it was a bad idea,” remarks Aldrich. “It was like a bad date; you’re stuck staring at each other with nothing to say and both of you can’t wait for it to be over.”

Community Comments

#1 Ken
@ 9:21 am

Is there a book (or calendar, etc) of the Real Life Adventures cartoons – love them!!


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