If you can’t interview Bill Watterson, interview his parents

The Indiana Daily Student has written an article about the reclusive former cartoonist Bill Watterson. Not being able to track down Watterson, they did the next best thing – they interviewed his parents..

After “Calvin and Hobbes” ended, Jim Watterson and his son would paint landscapes together, setting up easels along the Chagrin River or other vistas. He laughed that sometimes they’d spend more time choosing a site than painting. But they haven’t painted together for years.

3 thoughts on “If you can’t interview Bill Watterson, interview his parents

  1. Daer Mr Watterson

    i love all your commics i raed two books and they were fantastic .
    i wanted to tell you how much i loved your books but i didnt know how to e_mail you .
    i decided to be a comic writer when i grw up , even my taecher loves yor books Calvin and hobes are my favourite charicteristics
    send me some new stuff about your story i love it . oh and i am 10 yaers old 🙂

    from your biggest fan; Massa

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