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Editor and Publisher Archives 1901 – 2015

Editor & Publisher’s roots began in 1884 when The Journalist was first published to serve the U.S. newspaper industry. The Editor & Publisher: A Journal for Newspaper Makers was founded in 1901, and in 1907 it merged with The Journalist. Later, Editor & Publisher acquired Newspaperdom, a trade journal for the newspaper industry that started […]

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This ‘n’ That from This Week That Was

I’m not going to make a habit of commenting on things I’ve drawn, but I think I do need to say a few things about “Club Nematoda,” a kind of Village Vanguard I had imagined for some hipster worms. Saying nothing would have been like a cartoon hit-and-run; I had to go back and explain […]

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Not The Same As Before – doing some updating

Tom Richmond Answers Your MAD Questions The word spread last year that MAD magazine would no longer publish. We here even contributed to that idea by reporting what others, some knowledgeable, were saying. Former MAD contributor Tom Richmond responds to that and other questions about MAD magazine. Claim: MAD stopped publishing years ago/last year/recently. Verdict: […]

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Paul E. Fitzgerald – RIP

Journalist and civil servant Paul E. Fitzgerald has passed away. Paul Edward (Fitz) FitzgeraldNovember 26, 1926 – December 3, 2020   From the obituary: He entered the US Army as an enlisted man during WW2, serving as a heavy weapons crewman. After completing Officer Candidate School, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in charge […]

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If Your Show Never Got a MAD Parody, You Buy One

  Stars can have a mega-hit movie or a short-run television show, either way it don’t matter unless they are featured in a MAD parody. So, after ten years without being satirized in MAD, and no chance for one in the the foreseeable future with MAD down to reprints, what’s a producer to do? Well, […]

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The End of an Error, uh, Era

It’s the end of an era, marking an error of MADdening proportions.   MAD covers and material is © E.C. Publications Above is MAD #15 (right and on sale now) and MAD #16 (left, on sale October 6, 2020). The major difference between the two issues, other than the cover, is that for the first […]

Posted on: Sep 28, 2020,  Section: Caricature, Cartooning, Comic Books, Magazines, Publications, Comments: 3 Comments

Matt Bors: The Man Behind The Nib

Back in January, when the world was “different,” the Portland political cartoonist submitted entries for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. He became busy with other obvious pressing things to even think about the Pulitzer until Monday morning, May 4. “I wasn’t aware that I was a finalist until about two hours before (the […]

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The Cartoonists Have Won

“Thirty years of avoiding other human beings . . . validated!” Read Chris Ware‘s comic strip in The New Yorker. Also: Chris Ware talks about his April 6, 2020 New Yorker COVID-19 cover.    

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DeBartolo Streak Ends; Aragonés Now Top Streaker

MAD #12 comes out tomorrow and does not contain NEW material from Dick DeBartolo. That ends a streak going back to the June 1966 dated MAD  and lasting to the February 2020 dated MAD, encompassing 459 issues! As Tom Richmond notes: It’s also very much worth noting that this issue of MAD magazine is the […]

Posted on: Feb 18, 2020,  Section: Cartooning, Comic history, Magazines, Comments: 1 Comment

This ‘n’ That, From Here ‘n’ There

Awwww. Avery’s Pikmin Adventure is a comic by cartoonist Chris Furniss. The Pikmin story is a “daily procedural comic, written and drawn on the fly”, with Chris’ son starring as the main character in the Pikmin universe. It’s actually made up of little note cards which are left for his [seven-year-old] son to read over […]

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MAD Magazine Lives (in MADison Magazine)

THE spoof magazine, MAD itself, got spoofed by Madison Magazine. From Madison Magazine: We’ve gone MAD! Don’t think we haven’t heard the whispering behind our backs from people who don’t take our monthly publication as seriously as we do: “Madison Magazine? More like MAD magazine!” Well, to those folks we say: Your wish has been […]

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Willie and Joe and World War 3 (Mauldin, 1951)

Here’s the story in a nutshell. In May, 1952, after the Russian invasion of Yugoslavia, the principal United Nations countries and the United States declare war. The United States uses atomic bombs against Russian industrial complexes. Soviet forces invade West Germany, the Middle East and Alaska. US forces, in disarray, have retreated on all fronts. […]

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PS Magazine as Comic Book 1951-2019

Mike Rhode is reporting that PS: The Preventative Maintenance Monthly, a comic bookish instructional manual for the U. S. Army, will cease to exist as it has for 68 years: “Effective 1 Nov 2019, PS will cease publication of its monthly, illustrated magazine and move to a fully-online information resource. To read PS Magazine after […]

Posted on: Nov 21, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic Books, Magazines, Comments: 1 Comment

All-New Issue of MAD Coming in December

MAD is the magazine that just will not die. Quentin Tarantino‘s studio and MAD have once again collaborated to create an all-new issue of MAD. This time as a bonus for a collectors’ edition of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as a blu-ray release in December 2019. Included, among other goodies, will be an […]

Posted on: Oct 31, 2019,  Section: Comic Books, Magazine cartoons, Magazines, Comments: Comments Off on All-New Issue of MAD Coming in December

A MAD World for How Much Longer?

MAD Magazine #10, the last (for now) all-new issue, will soon hit the stands. previews the MAD #10 cover, and Sergio Aragonés’ A MAD Look at Alfred Hitchcock Movies. As mentioned this is the last ALL-NEW issue of MAD. Tom Richmond expands: There are a lot of rumors going around that MAD is ceasing […]

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