Malcolm Bridgewater’s Working Daze History (Revised and Expanded Edition)

About ten years Working Daze artist Scott Roberts (as Malcolm Bridgewater) gave us an in depth look at the history of the Working Daze comic panel and comic strip which these days is created by Roberts and John Zakour.

It was a great look at comic styles throughout the past century by comics fan Thomas Scott Roberts.

(In the comments to Sean Kleefeld’s column about it it was made clear it is a Scott Roberts production.)

The History of Working Daze ran twenty-one Sunday installments in its original form.

Now Zakour and Roberts are issuing a new edition with never before seen chapters added. The original chapter two is now chapter three, as a section featuring new research by Bridgewater has been inserted.

The revised and expanded History of Working Daze starts here.

Below, a few panels from Bridgewater’s history.