Rafie and Friends – New Local Comic Strip

The weekly Clermont (Florida) Sun will begin publishing a new, locally created comic strip this week.

A Clermont school teacher has dreamed-up a comic strip about a talking parrot called Rafie and we will be featuring his adventures in the Clermont Sun.

Gary Christensen’s Rafie and Friends starts this week, and readers can enjoy the tales of friendship in an unnamed 16th century Caribbean town.

The East High Ridge High School Spanish teacher from Clermont came-up with the idea with his wife Anne, who hails from Puerto Rico. 

“I like writing and my wife loves artwork, so it was just something we worked on together,” said Christensen. “I have been a Spanish teacher for 16 years and the characters and place are inspired by Old San Juan, a city we visited in Puerto Rico.”

While Anne created the physical characters, Gary asked a family friend Ann Croshaw, who lives in Utah, to take the drawings to the next level ready for publishing.

“Ann is wonderful as both an artist and on the technical side,” said Christensen. “We work well together, and we hope to take Rafie and his friends to far.

above from left: Ann Croshaw and Anne and Gary Chistensen

Read more about the new comic strip and follow Rafie’s adventures at The Clermont Sun.

Rafie And Friends

by Gary Christensen (writer/co-creator), Anne Christensen (character designer/co-creator),

and Ann Croshaw (artist)

June 19, 2024 –

weekly comic strip

The Clermont Sun