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John Byrne is drawing the last week of Funky Winkerbean, though I’m still holding out for creator Tom Batiuk to go solo on the last strip of the comic on December 31, 2022.

Nearly twenty years ago John Byrne drew an extended sequence of Funky Winkerbean.

Featuring the return of a character; Byrne drew the strip Sunday and daily from March 30 to April 26, 2003; and after a week’s detour John was back on the strip from May 4 to June 14, 2003.

Four years later John returned to draw a few Funky Sundays.


Those three were for the dates February 11, September 23, and October 28 – all 2007.


OOPS – edited to add:

I forgot the September 3, 2017 Starbuck Jones cover.


And now John is back for the last week as Tom retires the strip.

All the strips can be read by way of the Comics Kingdom archive.

If you don’t subscribe to Comics Kingdom (and you really should), or if the Funky Winkerbean archive disappears with the end of new strips (and it might), that first 2003 sequence is presented (and cover featured) in Volume 11 of The Complete Funky Winkerbean. The 2007 Sundays are in Volume 12.

Funky Winkerbean © Batom Inc.



4 thoughts on “Funky WinkerByrne

  1. If the past year or two is any indication, Funky will disappear from CK overnight. But don’t worry, the archives will move to gocomics.

  2. But it is Crankshaft moving to Andrews McMeel,not Funky.
    Do you think a “Classic Funky” will show up at GoComics?

  3. And from Wednesday’s strip, it looks like “Lisa’s Story” is making one more return.. Groan.

  4. @D. D. Degg, that is what I think will happen, like Buckles archives moved after retiring not too long ago. I also expect more defections in the new year as we saw this year. CK will try to make up for the losses by signing low-quality webcomics.

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