The Funnies This Week at Mid-Week

© Glenn McCoy

This week’s favorite (so far) is the Glenn McCoy take on cancel culture in his The Duplex. Two hopes: that the run continues for another week and that specific politics stay out as both sides have their share of blame in the process.


© John Hambrock

This week’s disappointment is the end of The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee in Wonderland story by John Hambrock. Yes it has lasted a month and a half but I wish it would have gone on until the end of Summer. After all we didn’t get to see John’s version of all the Tenniel illustrations.


Speaking of tributes … was that Dan Thompson doing a Jack Kirby pose I saw in Rip Haywire?

© Marvel Entertainment; © Dan Thompson


© Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith comments on the sad situation of magazine cartoonists in Zippy.


Winslow Investments Pty Ltd; © Jason Chatfield

Jason Chatfield seems to be using the last week of new Ginger Meggs dailies (Sundays will continue with new strips) to comment on the ¶!$$- poor treatment newspapers accord comic strips.


The Not-Funnies

Political cartoonists Michael Ramirez (Las Vegas) and Walt Handelsman (New Orleans) use their space today to honor a couple local heroes.

© Las Vegas Review-Journal/Michael Ramirez

© Times Picayune/The Advocate/Walt Handelsman