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Ukranian Postage Stamp : “Russian Warship Go … “

“Russian warship, go f*ck yourself!”

That was the epic response from a small group of Ukrainian soldiers defending Snake Island to a Russian vessel’s demand that they surrender. A recording of the radio exchange quickly went viral, with the salty phrase becoming “a rallying cry for Ukraine’s defenders” and appearing in countless memes and even on T-shirts being sold to benefit humanitarian charities in Ukraine.

And now it’s inspired a postage stamp.

The Ukrainian postal service held a contest for a new postage stamp, and the winning design was a sketch by an artist from Lviv named Boris Groh. In the image, a Ukrainian soldier can be seen defiantly holding up a middle finger to a passing Russian warship.

Emine Dzheppar, Ukraine’s first deputy minister of foreign affairs, announced the winning stamp design on Twitter Saturday, writing that Groh’s design had “received the most votes and will soon be published by Ukraine’s state postal company.”

Story at Mediaite.
Also at The Guardian.

Boris Groh prints and posters.

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