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Bill Amend Takes On Fox News and NFTs

Bill Amend, creator of the FoxTrot comic strip, has been using his Twitter feed to dump on Fox News and, separately, the NFT culture with non-FoxTrot “editorials” drawn on napkins.

Bill felt that his NFT slap had gained him enough new followers that he could afford to lose a few by chiding Fox News

I picked up lots of followers with my last napkin cartoon,
so I can afford to lose a few with this one

© Bill Amend

As for that dunk on NFTs, has that story and all the background for us clueless ones.

Community Comments

#1 Mark Jackson
@ 10:15 am

The left one, while not really balanced, is entirely fair.

#2 Rich Furman
@ 10:33 am

Amend’s second napkin cartoon really irked me. It’s FAKE NEWS that Fox personalities can do math.

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