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Milwaukee Journal Drops 4Kids For KidTown

The Milwaukee Journal served notice that Steve McGarry’s KidTown will replace 4Kids:

It’s time to take a trip to “KidTown.” 

The latest addition to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Sunday Comics section, “KidTown” replaces “www.4Kids” starting Dec. 26. 

The comic strip, aimed at readers ages 6 to 12, is a mix of word searches and other word puzzles; activities; and trivia. 

“KidTown” is written and illustrated by Steve McGarry, an award-winning cartoonist whose portfolio over a 40-year-plus career also includes similarly themed strips “Biographic” and “Trivquiz.”  

Both are weekly features usually found in the Sunday comics section.

Both are distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication … or were.
The page at AMS now looks like this:

Which leads me to believe that AMS has dropped the feature
(I’m not finding 4Kids on the other syndicate’s sites)
or the 4Kids people have stopped producing for syndication.
We’ll see if other papers will also switch out the 4Kids feature.


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