ET Too – And Other Funnies

Did something happen eight weeks ago that got cartoonists thinking about aliens?

Noted a few days ago was a trifecta of Close Encounters. The theme continues.

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Visitors from other worlds are not unusual in Brewster Rockit, and the Sherman’s Lagoon story continued to the end of the week.
Then Carpe Diem ran a couple more Alien Invader panels on Saturday and Sunday.

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Today’s (Sunday’s) Reality Check joined in the fun of alien abductions.


Then, while Zippy is strange, the Pinhead featured a stranger from another world on Saturday.

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Is it actually an abundance of aliens, or have I just been inattentive?


Let’s stick with Zippy the Pinhead for another minute.

Alert reader Top Cat James noted in the comments of the October 10, 2021 comic that the panels were inspired by real comic books and identified the last three as Spooky #8 (1957), Tomb of Terror #15 (1954), and Richie Rich #15 (1963).

Thanks to the Grand Comic Database site we can show those comic books.

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Origins of the other two covers are unidentified at this time.

Zippy, of course, was a comic book character before he was a comic strip character.


Prickly City and Big Nate juxtposition of the week.

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Let’s close with some wise advise for those of us on social media from Liniers and Macanudo.

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