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New Illustrator on Ripley’s Believe It or Not

For the second time this year John Graziano has been replaced on Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
The August 8, 2021 Sunday page was unsigned (and not Graziano art),
then beginning Monday August 9, 2021 the dailies were by another artist.
Unlike that May substitute this artist is signing the strip: H.(?) Castaño.
Inquiries to Ripley’s for identifications has gone unanswered.

© Ripley Entertainment


Ed Hall and David Willson Win Sunshine State Awards 

© Baker County Press/Ed Hall

The Baker County Press celebrates:

Editorial cartoonist Ed Hall won first place in the Editorial Cartoon category of the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2021 Sunshine State Awards held via Zoom presentation last week. Second place in the category was David Wilson of Palm Beach Daily News.

David Willson notes the wins:

Saturday I received the 2nd place award for Editorial Cartoonist of the Year from @SPJFlaas editorial cartoonist for the @ShinySheet behind @halltoons. Congratulations to Ed Hall. Here are the three cartoons from 2020 I submitted for considerations. Yes, it was a hellofa year.

© Palm Beach Daily News/David Willson


A Johnny Sampson Fold-In(terview)

© EC Publications

WTTW (Chicago) interviews cartoonist Johnny Sampson:

Vitali: Sampson does gig posters for local events. He’s made album art for rapper Action Bronson and rocker King Khan.

And he contributes to kid-friendly publications as well.

Sampson: It’s weird, especially as a freelancer, you never know where it’s coming from next. You can knock on doors to a certain extent, but it’s usually: “They’ll call you.” You don’t call them. But they do call and that’s nice. It’s nice to be called. Please call me.

Vitali: Mad only has two full-time employees right now and a handful of contributors like Sampson.

Content is mostly recycled material from the archives. The magazine’s future was in question even before it was acquired by AT&T.

Sampson: And now AT&T has unloaded Time Warner Media, which is the parent company of DC and Mad, to merge with Discovery Media. This deal is in the works and it may not be complete for a year, two years, I don’t know. So there might be something after that. We’re holding onto hope.


Reader Requests a Funny Pages Poll

An Orlando Sentinel reader requests a change to the comics page.

I agree with the writer stating the Fred Basset cartoon is not funny. It’s time for the Orlando Sentinel to take a reader survey poll to determine which cartoons should be replaced and give the readers a choice of new cartoons. Of the current 23[*] cartoons in the morning paper, I only read 14. So as far as I’m concerned there are nine that can be replaced.

*Doonesbury, Mallard Fillmore, and Dilbert appear on different pages.