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Some Sunday Funnies Morning

Does a comic strip belong on a museum wall?

Dmitry Samarov wonders about that as he wanders around the Chicago Comics exhibit.

I ask this not to question the value of cartooning, but because I wonder whether a wall is the best place to experience what comics are designed to do.

A comic strip is read as much as it’s seen. The artist/writer spends years honing their style and vision, experimenting with format and presentation, but most of the time, the ultimate destination for cartoons and comic strips is the printed page rather than a wall.

A couple of strips impressed me this morning with their comic art.

© King Features Syndicate

above: On the Fastrack by Bill Holbrook; below: Macanudo by Liniers

© Liniers


Staying with Macanudo … The Foundation Trilogy.

I read Isaac Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy too many decades ago,
and the only thing I can remember about it is that I really enjoyed it.


© Brian Crane

Yesterday’s Pickles also took me to the past.

Years ago some store had a clearance on their handkerchiefs. I bought every one of the 3-packs and handed them out to all the guys and a few of the gals in my life. Their reaction was similar to Nelson above. Dollars to donuts if you were to check on us all I would be the only one carrying a hanky (actually I always carry two, one being more bandana size).

By the way, I found today’s Pickles by Brian Crane a true Sunday Funny.


Five degrees of Frazz. Connect Frazz to the above Macanudo in 5 steps.


Half Full by Maria Scrivan

Prince Valiant by Schultz and Yeates

Broom-Hilda by Russell Myers

Frazz by Jef Mallett
© Liniers; Maria Scrivan; King Features Syndicate; Tribune Content Agency; Jef Mallett


It seems Val isn’t the only one trippin’ today.

Lio © Mark Tatulli


We end with the fantastical.

Over the Hedge © Michael Fry and T. Lewis

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#1 Bill Holbrook
@ 9:55 pm

Wow, thanks for the compliment! I had lots of fun with this Sunday strip.

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