Frank and Ernest 4th of July Salutations

Frank and Ernest by Bob Thaves is famous for a number of things.

The funny puns and zany one-liners naturally. Also: the horizontal panel, the renowned Ginger Rogers quote, the block letters, topical humor, and the time-spanning abilities of the title characters.

A few years after its 1972 debut Bob Thaves began to regularly run patriotic(?) gags on Independence Day in his Frank and Ernest comic as a celebration. These include firework displays, holiday picnics, national monuments, etc.

We here at The Daily Cartoonist, being Revolutionary War buffs, are partial to their appearances as delegates to The Second Continental Congress. So here’s a gallery of those strips by Bob Thaves and continued by Tom Thaves.
















© Thaves

That gets us to the 2005 strips. The Revolutionary strips following these can be checked out at GoComics including today’s July Fourth Sunday whose vignettes include Frank and Ernest near the beginning of a United States of America.


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  1. Somewhat surprised that at least a half dozen July 4 strips from 2006 forward are not related to the Founding Fathers or Independence Day. Did Thaves publish on a different date or just take a break for those years?

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