Weird Scenes Inside the Strip Mine

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Rare is the day without Zippy weirdness.

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Peanuts Politics

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Days after the strip was published, Governor Reagan wrote to Schulz. It wasn’t his first letter to the cartoonist; they had corresponded over the years … But this letter offered a rare insight into a policymaker’s thinking. Reagan wrote that Linus’ question “touched a nerve” and “continues to haunt me in a very nice way”…

TalesBuzz looks at a portion of the new book Charlie Brown’s America: The Popular Politics of Peanuts.


Bazooka Joe PSAs Support … Dad Jokes

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NEW YORK, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Bazooka® Bubble Gum has been a pop culture staple for nearly 75 Years, known for its famous Bazooka Comics and signature “Dad Joke” humor.

This Father’s Day, Bazooka is celebrating its love of Dad Jokes, and is encouraging others to join in on the fun. To deliver this message, Bazooka has partnered with some noteworthy celebrities from the 80s, 90s, and today in a series of comical PSAs to tell people it’s OK to Dad Joke.

The campaign is now live on Facebook and will be released on Instagram at @TheRealBazookaJoe and run alongside a digital campaign in June on Facebook and Instagram.

The press release via Tupelo Daily Journal.


The Weirdness of Will

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“All the time, I find myself in conversations where I am saying things that I don’t care about, or even mean, just to join in the performance,” says McPhail. “It’s when I can tell that the other person is doing it too, that makes you think: what are we doing? Who are we performing for?”

TDC fave Will McPhail is interviewed about his new book.


They’d almost got the page right when…

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King Features had to add Funny Online Animals to their syndicate page. But why did Tribune Content Agency’s newest comic strip appear on the page and as part of King Features’ offerings?


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