Rare Charles Schulz “Hagemeyer” Strips to Exhibit

From the Schulz Museum about a new Adults by Schulz exhibit:

Sometime in the mid-1950s, Schulz developed a concept for a workplace humor strip featuring adults. He titled it Hagemeyer, after his close friend from the Army. The strip was proposed to United Feature Syndicate as a new strip by Charles Schulz and was drawn on blank Peanuts frame templates from this era. Until now, all seven strips have never been seen together in person or in publication! Delight in a rare opportunity to see characters differing from the beloved Peanuts Gang.

© Charles M. Schulz Museum

Michael Cavna, at The Washington Post, writes about the newly resurfaced comic strips:

To some, they resemble “Peanuts” characters – if Charlie Brown and the gang had ever grown up.

These rare curiosities intrigue and baffle even the experts. “They’re a puzzle to me,” says Jean Schulz, wife of the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, who drew them.

The seven “Hagemeyer” originals will go on public display for the first time June 17 at the museum’s gallery space in Santa Rosa, Calif., as the centerpiece of an exhibition titled “Adults by Schulz.” And some viewers will inevitably try to draw comparisons to “Peanuts.”

After the museum acquired the three rediscovered “Hagemeyer” originals last year – the seller remained anonymous – Schulz officials were able to glean a bit more about the strip’s concept, including who the title character was. (The museum now owns all seven pen-and-ink works, each about 29 by 7 inches, which still show the cartoonist’s underlying pencil lines.)

Read Michael’s article – includes news of a Charles Schulz/Jim Sasseville adventure strip proposal.

If you can’t get around the WaPo paywall read the Seattle Times version.

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