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Comic Strip News Grab Bag

Ripley’s Stippler Immersion 

© Ripley Entertainment

The new artist of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, who we will refer to as The Stippler until we learn the identity, has now taken on the Sunday page chores as of May 9, 2021.

May 10 edit: It appears John Graziano has returned with the May 10 daily.


Compu-toon Classic

© Mae/Johnny Communications - Charles Boyce

Another comic strip change is Charles Boyce easing the workload a bit by having his Saturday Compu-toon be a classic rerun. This began last month on April 10, 2021. Compu-toon is listed as one of Andrew McMeel’s web exclusives; I don’t think it runs in print newspapers any longer.


Stein’s Strange Popeye 

© King Features Syndicate

From Dec. 6, 1954 to Aug. 8, 1959, people read the adventures of a very different Popeye in his daily comic strip.

[During that time] Ralph Stein was selected to provide the scripts for the sailor man’s adventures.

For Boomer Magazine comics historian Fred Grandenetti covers the decidedly different Popeye during Ralph Stein‘s five year stint in charge of the sailor man.


Say Goodbye to Hubris, Say Hello to Hubris

© Greg Craven

Greg (The Buckets) Craven leaves his Hubris GoComics page but reminds everybody that the comic strip will continue elsewhere.


Petunia and Dre are New to GoComics

© Alison Garwood

Good news for people who love NEUROTICA! Big Al, the Gal is back on GoComics. Petunia & Dre continues the adventures of our hapless NEUROTICA heroine.

Alison Garwood has a new comic strip on GoComics. An introductory interview.


Yes, It Is Art

© Burne Hogarth

The Society of Illustrators shares a collection of comic work from their Permanent Collection.
The pieces are on display from May 3 to October 2, 2021.



© Jeffrey Adam Katzenstein

A reminder that you haven’t finished reading the Sunday Funnies until you’ve visited today’s ToonStack.


Pet Peevy Update

© Rob Snyder/Dobb Francis

A while back we mentioned Pet Peevy, the strip now has a substack site.


Funnies From Your Past

© the Estate of George and Virginia Smith

The Smith Family by George and Virginia Smith ran from 1950 – 1994 (I remember reading it in The Oakland Tribune). The couple’s heirs (Virginia and George had ten girls and one boy 44 grandchildren 74 great grandchildren) have a website celebrating the Smiths’ cartooning career.


Funnies in Your Future. 

© Andy Marlette

Coming from cartoonist Andy Marlette and Creators Syndicate is Shrimp & Grits.
Now you know as much as I do.

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