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Newspaper Blames Someone Other for Cartoon

From Greensburg Daily News Editor Kevin Green:

The Daily News has been contacted by multiple readers who were upset and even angry about an editorial cartoon titled “Police Training Flashcards” that appeared on Tuesday’s Opinion page.

The cartoon painted an unflattering and unfair portrait of the law enforcement community and does not represent this newspaper’s opinion or attitude about the police and sheriff’s departments serving the Decatur, Franklin, Ripley and Rush County communities.

© Tim Campbell

More about who is not to blame for printing the Tim Campbell cartoon:

Daily News readers should know the selection of that particular cartoon was not made by anyone at the local level.

We have taken steps to make sure editorial cartoons that are not in keeping with the Daily News position on any given issue are not published in the future.

For example, if we can’t access the site from which we download Opinion page cartoons, which was the case with the cartoon in question, or can’t find a cartoon our Editorial Board feels is appropriate for the Daily News, we won’t run a cartoon at all.

Read the paper’s full acknowledgement of guiltlessness.

By the way Tim Campbell is not a stranger to Daily News editors and readers.


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