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Easter Sunday Funnies

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The most impressive comic on this Easter Sunday has nothing to do with Easter:

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Prince Valiant is on the inside of my four page Sunday comics section, and when I opened it up there was no denying how Thomas Yeates‘ large joust panel dominated the other comics.

Right below the third page Prince was the third page Shoe with Gary Brookins panels just as large as the Valiant panel, but not as mind-blowing.

© MacNelly

Truth be told, I was drawn to that wonderful inset panel with the nighttime look at the Treetops Bar.



Hi and Lois © King Features Syndicate

But getting back to Easter…


Since Mike didn’t do one today, here’s my Juxtaposition of the Day

Break of Day © Nate Fakes; Reality Check © UFS


Mike does, in his Comic Strip of the Day column today, make note of April 4, 1968; Robb Armstrong also remembers that day in his Jumpstart as it relates to the timing of this year’s Easter Sunday.

© Ruff Stuff, Inc.

Was pleasantly surprised with Dan Collins and his Looks Good On Paper today:

© Dan Collins


No surprise here – Jim Scancarelli did not disappoint with his Easter Gasoline Alley.

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