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Faces in the Webcomics Crowd

Steve Eldridge commented earlier today:

On occasion, I will look up a cartoonist to see what the real life human
who does the work actually looks like.

Some cartoonist are recognizable –
Telnaes, Pastis, Guisewitz, Davis, Robbins, McCay, etc.


Other cartoonists, particularly web cartoonists,
don’t get their faces in the news much.

So Bored Panda gave us a look at some faces.

When giggling at your favorite funny cartoons, do you ever think who the person behind them is? Do they look like the character in one of the funny drawings, or maybe the cartoonists behind it is actually a cat? On the other hand, when envisioning a modern artist, do they look like us, regular people, or are uber stylish and cold?

Bored Panda has put together a list of side-by-side pics featuring famous artists and their works. From C-Cassandra to Sarah C. Anderson to The Oatmeal to Owlturd – we’ve included all of these cartoon artists and more! Keep on scrolling to take a look and get ready to be surprised – some of the characters and the best cartoonists are extremely alike!

From four years ago 32 seldom seen faces.


Community Comments

#1 Cazmir Wiesnewski
@ 6:29 pm

I am still angry that Buckles is no longer in the paper. What sort of soulless corporate doofus decided this was a good idea? Buckles was a gentle eye opener each morning with a cup of coffee and silver dollar pancakes.

#2 Denny Lien
@ 6:28 am

No “soulless corporate doofus” had anything to do with the end of BUCKLES: its creator, David Gilbert, simply decided he wanted to quit doing the strip. This was well-reported here and elsewhere a few weeks ago:

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