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Editorial Cartoonist De Adder Joins Wash. Post

The Washington Post this morning announced Michael de Adder will be joining
the newspaper as part of its editorial cartooning team.

Washington Post Opinions today announced Michael de Adder will join Ann Telnaes as a political cartoonist. Beginning March 31, de Adder will draw three cartoons a week for The Washington Post in print and online. On the other four days of the week, readers will continue to see cartoons from a variety of the best cartoonists including Drew Sheneman, Pia Guerra, Mike Luckovich and others.

The Washington Post had lost Tom Toles as an editorial cartoonist last November.
The paper then said they planned on getting someone to fill that slot and, happily, they have.
(kind of, see Jape comment below)

© Michael de Adder

The partnership of Michael and The Post is not exclusive. Michael mentioned on his Twitter feed that he “will continue to freelance for other newspapers [and outlets] as well.”

The de Adder website carries details of Michael’s career.


Update from The Chronicle Herald, a SaltWire Network Publication.

Already a well-recognized name in the realm of political cartooning, Halifax artist Michael de Adder became even more of an all-star player this week with his new status as a regular contributor to the Washington Post.

The venerable newspaper in the U.S. capital will include three of the award-winning cartoonist’s pieces each week, while he continues to draw for the Chronicle Herald and SaltWire Network and provide pieces to the U.S. political cartoon hub CounterPoint.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said de Adder by phone from his home. “I’m glad I’ll still be drawing cartoons on Canadian politics, but I’ll probably be drawing more on American news. I still have a mandate to draw the premier of Nova Scotia and follow stories on Canadian news, but now I have to cover two countries.”

Michael tells The Chronicle Herald about getting the inside track:

The New Brunswick native says he’d been discussing the possibility of a more permanent relationship with the Post since Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Tom Toles retired on Oct. 30, 2020, after nearly two decades with the paper. Toles in turn received the Herblock prize himself in 2011.

“There was immediately a lot of interest in the Washington Post editorial cartoonist job, and I started sending work to them, and I started getting in immediately,” says de Adder, adding that the paper wasn’t in a rush to find a permanent replacement for Toles.

“They wanted to run a wide variety of cartoonists, and pick and choose what they thought was the funniest cartoon of the day. And they’re still going to do that, but three times a week, they’re going to run me.”


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#1 JP Trostle
@ 9:45 am

Sort of.

This is a contract position as a contributor (like Ann Telnaes), not a full-time staff job (like Tom Toles).

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