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Mallard Fillmore Responds to Gannett Drop

It seems Bruce Tinsley rushed a Mallard Fillmore comic strip in response to Gannett ordering its newspapers to drop the conservative comic. On Monday March 22 the syndicated newspaper strip issued what was an obvious acknowledgement of Gannett’s actions.

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It should be noted that soon after Bruce’s return in September of 2020 a schedule of two dailies comics and the Sunday page were by Tinsley and the other four dailies by Loren Fishman became the routine. This week the Monday strip was followed by, what I would guess were, the two regularly scheduled Tinsley strips. So Bruce has three dailies this week, making me think the March 22 edition was shoehorned in for quick publication.



Community Comments

#1 Philip Taterczynski
@ 8:32 pm

It’s no loss. I went through an entire month’s worth of MF comics and couldn’t find a single one that had any hint of humor in it. Every single strip was nothing but a whiny complaint about how horrible liberals are and/or how oppressed conservatives are, and most of them weren’t even original – just a parroting of a weak RWNJ talking point.

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