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40 Years of Bill Suddick & the Beach Metro News

The Beach Metro News (originally Ward 9 News) is celebrating its golden anniversary. As part of that they interviewed cartoonist Bill Suddick who has been with the paper for most of that time.

“I started to realize that I might be able to make a living doing art. I didn’t listen to well-meaning adults who strongly recommended against art careers in general,” he said. “I got accepted in Animation at Sheridan College but, on the advice of yet another well-meaning adult, who shall go unnamed, decided to take another program. I now regret not taking Animation.”

He said he contacted his local newspaper about cartooning on the advice of his wife, and was told he was hired on March 26, [1981] which was his 26th birthday.

The Bill Suddick interview/article is here.


Earlier this year Bill retired from his day job:

I have many projects in the works. Retirement has been very busy. Since I retired from teaching (ha, one can never really stop teaching) I’m pleasantly surprised at how much time I have for my own projects, and exercise.

I’m creating brands such as @The Lake, a subsidiary of Suddick Studio. I’ve only just started placing designs on Print On Demand sites such as Redbubble and I’m happy to find that people really like my ideas. I’m having fun.

Bill is mostly famous here for occasionally spelling Tak Bui on PC and Pixel.


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