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A Duke’s Mixture of Comic Strip Related Items

© Scott Adams, Inc.; Peanuts Worldwide; Paws Inc.

Dilbert joins Snoopy (and Woodstock) and Garfield as a comic strip addition
to the extremely popular Funko collectibles line.


MAD Magazine’s Al Jaffee‘s 100th Birthday Celebration!


© Allan Holtz

Did we mention that Allan Holtz’s Stripper’s Guide returned from sabbatical a while ago? Back is Obscurity of the Day (the recent Simpsons entry is incredible), Herriman Saturday, Ink-Slingers Profile, From the Archives Sub-Basement, the intriguing Paper Trends, and more.
It is The People’s Almanac for comic strip fans.


© Fantagraphics/Rick Marschall

Elsewhere the John Adcock and Rick Marschall posts at Yesterday’s Papers have slowed dramatically; giving rise to the hope they are busy putting the finishing touches on the return of nemo, the classic comics library.


© Darrin Bell

In Future Funnies news Darrin Bell has revealed he is working on a graphic novel.

Candorville has been using more reruns than usual for the last few months b/c I’m creating a graphic novel memoir for Holt Publishing, and there are only so many hours in the day. It’s my first graphic novel and it’s way more labor intensive than I’d expected. I’m in the home stretch of that book, though, so you’ll see fewer and fewer reruns.


© King Features Syndicate

A Butler Eagle reader is pleased about a comic strip switch.

I am so glad that you have replaced the “Mark Trail” comic strip.

He had become a scruffy, backwoods bully.

I am so thankful we now have a comic strip, “Tiger,” to replace it, that either makes me smile or downright laugh out loud. This comic strip makes my day!

While we are hard-pressed to find anything negative about Bud Blake’s comic strip,
it IS a zombie rerun while Mark Trail is new material.


© Peanuts Worldwide

This Peanuts quiz is Aces.


© Empower Patients

With the start of the 2021 Legislative Session, EMPOWER Patients, a coalition of neighborhood and independent pharmacists and pharmacies, launched a comic strip to bring attention to the “shady and anti-competitive business practices” of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).

The comic strip series follows a neighborhood pharmacist’s struggles to help their patients while “Papa PBM” shakes him down daily. The comic strip series marks the official launch of the marketing campaign the coalition will be investing in to bring attention to this issue that “drives up prescription drug costs for Floridians.” The comic strip series will follow heavy digital advertising spend to help bring attention to the practices of prescription drug middlemen that the state continues to allow.

In Florida the public is being informed via comic strips.

Can anyone read the signature? Brye M. Kandeer? Bake M. Kandeer. We’re finding nothing.


© Paws Inc.

Among other fun stuff, Brett Koth‘s Facebook page shows us the process.

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