Comic Strip Gold

Coin of the Realm

Forget Bitcoin and Game Stop, invest in gold – 999.9 Fine Comic Gold.

Initially inspired by the simple question of a child – “What does a tickle look like?” – the Mr. Men Little Miss characters have become some of the most instantly recognisable in the world. Featured in more than 90 books, as well as starring in films and TV series, their adventures have been translated into 17 different languages and followed by millions of fans. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the question that started it all and the book that answered that question: Mr. Tickle.

The Royal Mint is honoring the Mr. Men and Little Miss comic strip with gold and silver coins. Okay, technically they’re honoring the book characters, but it was a comic strip that NEA distributed to U. S. newspapers in the mid-1980s.



Also Golden…

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The Anniston Star interviews cartoonist John Rose, unfortunately the interview is behind a paywall. But am linking to it because of the great illustration John provided the paper of the Snuffy Smith clan reading The Funnies.


Sunday Funnies a Day Early

Doonesbury © Garry B. Trudeau; Candorville © Darrin Bell

The January 6th sedition is hitting the Sunday comics sections. Depending on your point of view tomorrow’s Doonesbury and Candorville, dealing with the insurrection, are either ruefully hilarious or lamestream.


Speaking of Tomorrow…

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While The Phantom comic strip began February 17, 1936, it was 85 years ago tomorrow when The Ghost Who Walks made his first appearance.


Curtis Likes Mondays in Lewiston

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The Sun Journal is introducing a new cartoon strip titled Curtis, starting Monday.

The strip, which is drawn by Ray Billingsley, details the day-to-day urban life of a close-knit contemporary African-American family.

The Lewiston (Maine) Sun Journal is adding Curtis to its lineup.
No other details (what’s being dropped) are available.


Future Funnies

© Pab Sungenis

A reminder that The New Adventures of Queen Victoria ended last Sunday. But in the comments section there Pab is revealing the future holds promise for his fans:

As for what comes next, I’m going back to writing hoping to finish my next novel and next play. At the same time, by friend S.P. Burke (a great writer in his own right and a much better artist than I) are at work on a new strip. It will be more mainstream than TNAOQV, but will still feature our subversive senses of humor. If we can pull it off, it will probably come out in a year or two. If not, well, we’ll go do something else.


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