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The Trump Revue

There has never been a dull moment for editorial cartoonists during the Trump Presidency.
Now as the end nears some are reviewing The Follies of 45.

The New York Daily News and Bill Bramhall pick some memorable highlights.

© The Daily News & Bill Bramhall

Let’s also note that The Daily News and Bill were honored by The Society of News Design for the paper’s front pages and for Bill’s editorial cartoons.

The 101-year-old tabloid was cited specifically for five front pages singled out alongside the work of veteran cartoonist Bramhall.


At USA Today Mike Thompson seems to like the difference a day will make.

Far from making my job easier, the past four years of Trump’s reign caused me more consternation than I can remember. The problem has been that like any malignant narcissist, Trump sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

© USA Today & Mike Thompson


Matt Wuerker and Politico look back at both sides.

Editing POLITICO’s Cartoon Carousel, a weekly compilation of cartoons from across the political spectrum, I’ve seen the hardening of these divides in real time. As liberal cartoonists sketched Trump’s presidency as a mounting series of horrors, their counterparts on the right turned the celebrity businessman into a kind of crusading folk hero.

copyright Signe Wilkinson and GrrrGraphics (Ben Garrison)

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