David Cohen Writes a Thank You Note

David Cohen feels honored to serve the citizens of Asheville, North Carolina as the editorial cartoonist for local issues. Today he took a few inches to thank them for their forbearance.

In the early 80s I submitted some work to the then editorial page editor, Rick Gunter. He took a few, and for about a month I was the paper’s cartoonist!

Obviously, that didn’t last very long.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I tried again. I submitted some more work to the editorial board, which included Jim Buchanan, Jeffery Green, and Susan Yehne. They decided, after a brief negotiation, to give it a try.

And 15 years later, through a number of personnel changes, I’m still here.

And while national and international cartoons are very important, and there are a lot of great cartoonists doing that work, local cartooning is even more important to my mind.

Speaking to the issues that affect us, issues that affect our daily lives, those of our children, and our city; these can’t be found on the drawing boards of out of town, syndicated cartoonists.

Cartoons © David Cohen

This January 15 marked the 15th year that I have been drawing editorial cartoons for the Citizen Times.

Thank you for all of the support you have shown me, thanks to the newspaper which has kept me on, and let’s hope that our voices continue to be heard.

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