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Never Was Comic Strips – Superheroes

We open with a couple of cheats. Everyone knows there were Superman and Batman comic strips, but these Jacob Edgar Sunday pages, drawn in Jacob’s own version of the Bruce Timm animated style, were never syndicated to newspapers; rather just Jacob having fun and passing it on to us.

Batman and Superman © DC Comics

Jacob did a half dozen or so Batman Adventures,

and a couple The Adventures of Superman Sundays,

and even a World’s Finest page of Batman Adventures.

These “heroic” takes, as opposed to the “dark” version, can be seen on Jacob’s Twitter feed.
A shame these aren’t in our Sunday comics sections.


Back in the mid-1960s, as The Marvel Age of Comics was taking off, Stan Lee, the man in charge, teamed with Marie Severin, Marvel bullpen maven, to create a series of panels spoofing the superhero genre. Meant to be published as a book the ever more popular Marvel comics took ever more time from Stan Lee and the project was never completed. But in the 1970s the Marvel-produced “fanzine” FOOM (Friends of ol’ Marvel) published a few of the My Son…The Super-Hero panels.

© The Estates of Stan Lee and Marie Severin

With the success of the Batman television show in 1966, this could have made a decent daily panel in newspapers. Don’tcha think? Stan had an affinity for humor and seemed to prefer that over drama.

More gag panels at the Longbox Graveyard and from Ink Stains #134  and #92 (scroll down)

Community Comments

#1 Brian Fies
@ 8:56 pm

Those Jacob Edgar strips are terrific! Never seen them before (or even heard of them), thanks for sharing.

There are those, and by “those” I mean “me,” who think Bruce Timm and Paul Dini ought to just be put in charge of the entire DC Universe. They get what heroes are about.

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 2:44 pm

Did these never released Batman Adventures/Superman Adventures comic strips were to tie in with the late 1990’s Kids WB Batman/Superman Adventures cartoons?

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