Hy Eisman: A Life in Comics Feature Documentary

With over 70 years of drawing and writing and teaching comics, Hy Eisman can certainly fill a documentary. The current cartoonist of the Popeye Sunday page is the subject of a documentary … with our help.

Marco Cutrone and Vincent Zambrano are organizing a fundraiser to complete the production of a film celebrating Hy’s achievements.

The production is attempting to finish the film in time of Hy Eisman’s 94th birthday in March 2021.

The donated funds are essential in making this goal.

The production has already acquired almost 100 hours of footage featuring interviews including various greats in the comic industry, family, long time friends and colleagues.

A few more shoots are still needed to help round out the story.

The producers further need your financial help to fund the logging, scripting, editing of this footage as well as the potential rights and clearances, music, final mix, color correction, and mastering among others.

The finished film is expected to be distributed on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Apple i-Tunes store, and Vimeo OTT (VHX).

Go here for details and a preview and to donate if you can.

above: Hy Eisman with Producers Marco Cutrone and Vincent Zambrano



Some of above images from Hogan’s Alley; caricature by Tom Richmond.

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  1. This documentary needs to be completed! The story of Hy Eisman needs to be preserved and told for generations to come. Thank you for reporting on this and I hope the producers meet and exceed their fundraising goal.

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