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Sunday Funnies, with Special Appearances by…

The Dick Tracy story, quest-starring Dethany, that started last Sunday continues.
Dethany’s On The Fastrack story, guest-starring Dick Tracy, starts later this week.

That was expected. And it is really no surprise that Thatababy would feature cartoon cameos.

But a number of other cartoonists seem to have joined in featuring comic characters in their comic strips today. From the Fort Knox sneak to the full figure image in Nest Heads.

Mallard Fillmore and Ripley’s Believe It or Not went with displays of Disney.

Pearls Before Swine drops in on an old “victim,”
while Baldo honors a predecessor by visiting his favorite fast food joint.

But all the above pale when compared to Ray Billingsley’s Curtis today:


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#1 Mary Ella
@ 6:21 pm

Wouldn’t the *really* “woke” version of “Cinderella” have Cindy just pipe up and say “Hey, that’s my shoe”?

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