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Jenny-Jinya: She’s a Heartbreaker

From The National:

Jenny Hefczyc didn’t know if she could change the world with her art, but she knew she wanted to try.

As a talented illustrator and artist based in Germany, she draws under the name Jenny-Jinya, and she’s taken social media by storm with a series of comics she’s created that focus on animal welfare. She covers everything from pet abandonment to animal abuse and habitat destruction.

Jenny draws comics of a sweet sadness.

“You make the good kind of sadness, which brings awareness and prompts people to act and help more than they would,” one fan wrote on her Facebook page. “Your art has real power and [is] a good cause.”

From Bored Panda:

The same illustrator and comic artist who made people cry with her Good Boy and Black Cat strips just created a new one to make people stop and think before bringing a bunny into their homes.

Once again, Jenny has portrayed the tragedy behind our careless choices, showing what it could mean for [a] poor animal. has a number of Jenny’s emotional comics.

Then check in at Jenny’s Facebook and Twitter pages to find out
when her soon-to-be-released book collection is published.

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