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Post Bulletin Stops Printing Sunday Funnies

The Rochester, Minn. Post Bulletin announced that their eight page Sunday comics section
will no longer appear in their printed Weekend edition.

From the editor:

At times like this, we need laughs probably more than ever. That’s what made it a particularly difficult, even painful decision to curtail printing the eight-page color comics section in today’s edition.

As I noted in a column last Saturday, a sudden and substantial loss of revenue due to the pandemic and economic slowdown has forced the Post Bulletin to reduce pages in our weekday and weekend print editions. Starting today, and until this economic fog lifts, rather than cut back space for essential news any further, we will be putting the comics online only.

The comics remain at their website.

You can find the comics in our daily e-edition. Access is included with your print subscription. The comics are not all you’ll find at our website.


Most amazing to me about the above was that they were still publishing, as William Randolph Hearst would call it, “Eight Pages of Iridescent Polychromous Effulgence That Makes The Rainbow Look Like A Lead Pipe!”

Eight page Sunday Funnies are a rarity these days.



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#1 Darryl Heine
@ 4:54 pm

What is the Rochester, Minnesota Post-Bulletin lineup of comics?

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