Art Van Rhyn Retires at 90

Art Van Rhyn, The Cambrian cartoonist for 30 years, has decided to retire.


Kathy Tanner writing for both The Cambrian and the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

He joined the newspaper’s cadre of freelancers in 1991, soon after I became a reporter there.

The Cambrian’s editor asked Art to submit a cartoon, which he did.

“The next week,” Art recalled, “the editor asked me if I’d like to do one a week!” So, he did, more than 1,560 cartoons worth.

Our paper went from a tablet format to a full-sized broadsheet, and then returned to a tab. Our Castles and Cottages section grew and shrank and ultimately was absorbed back into the paper — which itself has shrunk considerably, as has our staff.

The Cambrian moved twice, and then the office closed.

During all that, Art’s ’toons made us laugh, made us cry, occasionally made us mad and most of all, made us think.

Art’s final cartoon ran in The Cambrian’s Feb. 6 edition.


Art also contributed cartoons and illustrations to other operations.
Environment and the elderly being special concerns.


And Art takes his first name as obligatory.

A look at Art’s wonderful studio and gallery.