74th Reubens: Gold T-Square to G. B. Trudeau

The National Cartoonists Society is noting that Garry B. Trudeau
will be presented the Society’s the Gold T-Square.

From NCS President Jason Chatfield:

On behalf of the board of directors of the National Cartoonists Society, It is my great pleasure to announce that Garry Trudeau will be awarded the Gold T-Square award at the 74th Annual Reuben Awards in Kansas City!

The “Gold T-Square” is presented to a person who has had an outstanding career in cartooning for 50 years. It is awarded by the NCS Board of Directors by unanimous vote. We are so pleased to be able to recognize Garry’s stellar career and can not think of a more appropriate recipient for this prestigious award.

Garry will be the 4th person to receive this award in 65 years. Previous recipients of The Gold T-Square are: Rube Goldberg (1955), Mort Walker (1999), and Arnold Roth (2018).

Jason added:

Garry will be interviewed on stage by Ann Telnaes at the 2020 Reubens Conference in Kansas City on Saturday 6th June, 2020 as part of the NCS Reubens weekend conference.

Both Garry and Ann are Reuben Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists!

Garry Trudeau, whose 1968 Bull Tales evolved into 1970’s Doonesbury, will join
Rube Goldberg, Mort Walker and Arnold Roth as the 4th recipient of the honor.

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