Magic In A Minute Does A Disappearing Act

Missing from our list of 2019 Newspaper Comic Strip Departures is Mac King’s Magic in a Minute.
It has seemingly disappeared before our very eyes.

Using the GoComics site as a reference the last new strip (it IS a series of sequential panels) was April 28, 2019. They then issued reruns from May 5 to December 29, 2019 when the reruns stopped.*

by Mac King and Bill King
July 4, 2004 – ?December 2, 2007?
?early 2008? – April 28, 2019
Sunday only
Tribune Media Services/UPS-Universal Uclick-Andrews McMeel Syndication
[reruns issued May 5, 2019 – December 29, 2019*]

About that 2007/2008 question:
My notes show the last TMS distributed strip was December 2, 2007. Then, in February 2008, Universal Press announced they would be syndicating the feature; but I don’t have a start date for that beginning.

*reruns continue into 2020; see comment below

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  1. Yes, Andrews McMeel. It’s probably been running for a few years without interruption (don’t really remember when it started). I hadn’t noticed the old copyright dates until you pointed it out.

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