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Oliphant: “Being a Cartoonist is a Great Privilege”

In 2018 the great editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant donated a great deal of his papers to the University of Virginia. Last Fall the University of Virginia’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library had sorted through enough of the material to set up a very good exhibit of the master cartoonist.

Oliphant: Unpacking the Archive runs through May 2020.

Today Australia Broadcasting Corporation released a six minute video report about the exhibit and Pat, their native son.

Two great things about the ABC report – first, it is great seeing Pat looking healthy and hearty; second, they mention a “career retrospective book is in the works.” Yeah, looking forward to that!

The piece notes that, due to failing eyesight, Pat retired in 2015 (though he couldn’t resist a temporary return to “pen”-prick that Donald Trump/Steve Bannon team of a couple years ago).



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