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Calvin & Hobbes Tribute Auction + more C&H stuff

The Cartoon Art Museum is proud to announce its second biennial Tribute Auction, A Boy and His Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson, featuring original art in homage to Bill Watterson and his seminal comic strip creation Calvin and Hobbes.

And the auction is a go!

The Cartoon Art Museum’s salute to Watterson’s enduring talent, A Boy and his Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson, will include original brand-new creations from dozens of top graphic novelists, animators, and cartoonists who have drawn inspiration from the Watterson’s imaginative comic strip. Featured artists include Harry Bliss (The New Yorker) with Steve Martin, Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son), Brian Fies (A Fire Story) Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), Patrick McDonnell (Mutts), Steve Purcell (Sam and Max), Riley Rossimo, Jon Way$hak, Mo Willems (Don’t Let the Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie), and more to be announced.

Bookmark the auction page and check back as new items are listed:

New auction pieces will be added weekly throughout January and February! Check here and follow the Cartoon Art Museum on Facebook and Twitter for previews of upcoming auction items!


The Cartoon Art Museum will publish a full color exhibition catalog collection all of the artwork created for this auction, and will present a public exhibition of the pieces in March 2020, before the recipients receive them.

Proceeds from A Boy and his Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson will support the museum’s programs and exhibitions.


A Boy and His Tiger Update (January 10) –

The artists involved in A Tribute to Bill Watterson:

Brent Anderson, Carolyn Belefski, Harry Bliss, Jeffrey Brown,
Charles Brubaker, Aaron Conley, Gemma Correll, Jamie Cosley,
Kim Dwinell, Brian Fies, Tony Giraldi-Brown, Bunny  Hoest,
Michael Jantze, Roger  Langridge, Ellen Liebenthal, Patrick McDonnell,
Betsy Peterschmidt, R. Robert Pollack, Nate Powell, John Reiner,
Andy Ristaino, Riley Rossmo, Ben Seto, Dana Simpson, Joe Staton,
Le Tang, David Tomaselli, Jose Villena, Bill Watterson, Jon Wayshak,
and Mo Willems
Get a look at all the tributes at ComicArtFans gallery.


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