Philadelphia Inquirer – 2020 Preview in Cartoons

As The Philadelphia Inquirer says:

Check out the cartoons previewing 2020 by
Alli Katz, Andrea Beizer, Tom Stiglich, Jim Hunt, Terry Laban, Jeff Curnow, Rob Tornoe, Al Goodwun, Greg Kearney, Meghan Turbitt, Peter Evans, and Box Brown.

The Inquirer’s Currents section, where these cartoons appeared in print, features opinions and viewpoints to help you better understand the Philadelphian region and beyond. Opinions can take many forms — op-eds, commentaries, essays, and cartoons. We’d love your feedback on our first-ever all-cartoon issue of Currents at


Hat tip to the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists for the heads up:

A daily newspaper that’s not afraid of political cartoons? And then actually pays for them? Tis truly a holiday miracle!

The Philly Inquirer recently solicited cartoonists for a special one-shot that appears today in the print edition. Most of the cartoons are local commentary on the City of Brotherly Love, but a few are on state and national issues. You can read them online here:

If the response from readers is good, there is a possibility this could happen again, but for now let’s thank the @phillyInquirer (now wholly employee owned, btw) for putting their money where their snark is, and recognizing that editorials cartoons are still an important part of the conversation.


One thought on “Philadelphia Inquirer – 2020 Preview in Cartoons

  1. What I wish for in 2020 is the offiical end of the Get Fuzzy comic strip thanks to Andrews-McMeel and/or Darby Conley.

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