What’s To Replace The Pajama Diaries?

The news of The Pajama Diaries ending broke Sunday when Terri Libenson’s hometown paper The Cleveland Plain Dealer asked readers to help decide what comic strip should replace Terri’s strip.

We’re about to lose one of my favorite comics, Pajama Diaries, because the artist is retiring. Which raises the question: What do we do next? On that, I’d appreciate your help.

Pajama Diaries was provided to use by the King Features Syndicate, and we’ll need to pick its successor from among King’s offerings. Our staff picked three possible replacements:

* Curtis, which continues the gentle, family-oriented humor of Pajama Diaries.

* Macanudo, a South American strip with a uniquely weird and charming sensibility.

* Six Chix, a joint effort by half a dozen female artists, spanning a huge range of topics.


It seems they are tied to a King Features Syndicate strip to replace TPD:

We’re not trying to tie your hands, though. If you see something else from King that you think we should consider, let us know.

Apparently anyone around the world can vote.


In other Cleveland comics news,

Mike Sangiacomo, for Cleveland Magazine, tells a little of Cleveland’s comic history.

Cleveland is to comic books as Motown is to music. But talk to some Clevelanders, and you’d be surprised how few know it..

Cleveland, the only city in the world that can claim to be Superman’s birthplace, has ignored Kal-El and the legacy of comics greatness he represents, even as there has been a groundswell of grassroots recognition.

Yeah, it’s basically a Superman thing, but other cartoonists are noted. Among them are Brian K. Vaughan, John Backderf, and Brian Michael Bendis; then naming Ohio cartoonists not from Cleveland. But not Clevelander Terri Libenson!

Also not mentioned is the Newspaper Enterprise Association. Originally based in Cleveland it brought a number of cartoonists to that area.



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  1. I think “retiring” is not really the correct word there. They should have said that she is moving on to other opportunities, which is what is happening.

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