Tauhid Bondia Interview


Far too many webcomics for me to follow, but there are a few I really enjoy. Among the webcomic creators whose work have touched me is Tauhid Bondia. I got started with his A Problem Like Jamal, and followed him over, laughing all the way, to his current Crabgrass.

A recent, relatively speaking, find for me; it turns out Tauhid has been cartooning for 20 years.

Learn more about him as the Blockhead site interviews Tauhid.

Elsewhere on that site are audio interviews with Brad Perri, Will Henry, Steve Conley, Terri Libenson, Lex Fajardo, Ryan Flanders, Duane Abel, Ray Billingsley, Pat Sandy, Robert Pope, Michael Jantze, and a couple I probably missed.


full disclosure: the Daily Cartoonist and GoComics, the site for Crabgrass, are  both a part of the Andrews McMeel superconglomerate.