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Jimmy Margulies Loses Gig

The American Association of Editorial Cartoonists notes:

We got an email the other day from cartoonist Jimmy Margulies, who wanted everyone to know yet another paper has dropped editorial cartoons.

Margulies writes, “My first day back at work upon returning from the convention in Columbus [in October], I was told that my newspaper amNEW YORK was being sold by its owner Newsday to Schneps Media. Schneps publishes a number of community weeklies around the New York City area.

“Under the new owners the so-called editorial page now has photos where my cartoons used to be.”

amNewYork is a free tabloid serving all the NYC boroughs.
Newsday sold the paper to Schneps in October, which immediately cut the staff in half.

Jimmy’s cartoons for amNewYork were primarily on local issues, or national news with a local spin.

An archive of Jimmy’s amNewYork cartoons, via Newsday, is here.

Jimmy’s note to the AAEC continues:

“After Losing my job of 22 years at The Record in New Jersey in 2013, I was lucky to be offered the steady freelance gig for the five day a week tabloid amNEW YORK and that lasted 6 and 1/2 years.

“So I will continue drawing cartoons for King Features [and as part of the Cagle Cartoons package], as well as providing cartoons on New Jersey issues to papers throughout the state. And I will also fill in at Newsday when Matt Davies is away, as I had been doing the past five years.”

Losing a five day a  week assignment is a big blow,
I join JP in sending “a big fat raspberry to Schneps Media.”



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