First and Last – Long Sam, Robin Malone

Bob Lubbers was a “good-girl” artist.
He began drawing girls in a very good way in 1940s comic books.

In 1950 Bob moved from comic books to comic strips.
Starting at the top with Tarzan.


After a few years in the jungle, Bob joined Al Capp Enterprises
where, partnering Lubbers with Capp, the inevitable happened.

In 1954 Bob and Al syndicated a strip about a backwoods girl called Long Sam.

above: Long Sam debuts on May 31, 1954

There is some disagreement as to whether signed artist Bob Lubbers did all the art, or if, maybe, he had help from then Capp Studios artist Frank Frazetta on the early strips. Allan Holtz runs the first three weeks of dailies illustrating the debate. Those debating are far better at IDing than I, but if I squint my eyes I seems to see a bit of Frazetta in panel three of the first Sunday.

above: the first Sunday Long Sam dated June 6, 1954

below: the first Sunday as a half page (though in black and white)

Long Sam appeared in newspapers for eight years, ending in 1962.

above: the final Long Sam from December 29, 1962 with Bob Lubbers script and art


By the time Long Sam ended Bob had already been drawing the daily-only Secret Agent X-9 under the pseudonym Bob Lewis, he continued there until very early 1967 when Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson took over the retitled Secret Agent Corrigan.

A couple months after his last X-9 Bob again teamed-up with Team Capp to begin Robin Malone.

above: Robin Malone began on Sunday March 19, 1967

above: the first Robin Malone daily strip appeared on March 20, 1967

Dave Edwards describes the young lady:

Robin Malone: She was bigger than life, beautiful, busty, curvaceous, sexy and globetrotting. She personified femininity with an independence and resourcefulness that left fellow-travelers like Brenda Starr and Mary Perkins in the dust.

Robin Malone had a shorter shelf life than Long Sam, lasting only three years.

above: the Robin Malone Sunday strip ends on March 8, 1970


The last Robin Malone daily strip dated March 11, 1970


The last Robin Malone daily strip dated March 11, 1970


The last Robin Malone daily strip dated March 14, 1970

Confused? Read Dave Edwards article from Hogan’s Alley #19. Remain confused.

Elsewhere Ger Apeldoorn presents galleries of Long Sam and Robin Malone.


After Robin Malone, Lubbers and Capp would remain together on Li’l Abner in the 1970s.

above: Bob Lubbers pencils, Al Capp face inks ca. 1970s


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