The Cartoon World of Marshall Ramsey

The University of Tennessee is celebrating 225 years by profiling alumni.

A week ago the UT’s Daily Beacon newspaper ran a piece on Marshall Ramsey.

Now Marshall reminisces about his college days for Torchbearer magazine.

Ramsey has stayed close with his alma mater over the years, too.

In 2009, he did a cartoon celebrating the conclusion of Where in the World is Smokey? a global photo challenge that promoted UT’s Ready for the World initiative.

In 2011, UT honored Ramsey with an Accomplished Alumni award. And this year, he was honored with the Alumni Professional Achievement Award.

In 2014, he drew an original cartoon for the College of Communication and Information and presented it to the CCI Board of Visitors. That cartoon depicted all of the college’s deans over the years, including his beloved Faye Julian.